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Acts 2 (part 2)

A simple outline of Peter's message in vs.14-40:

I. Introduction: Explanation of what was Taking Place (14-21)
II. Theme: Proof that Jesus is Lord and Christ (22-36)
III. Application and Conclusion (37-40) The apostle Peter was filled with the Holy Ghost as he preached this message. These are not his words but God’s words thru him. Surely this is an example of what God expects preaching to be. The sermon is: Pointed (directly addresses the audience)Plain (clear and easy to understand, no complicated theological terms)Powerful (v.37 - based on the word - Heb. 4:12) Notice that there aren't any frivolous stories, jokes, or wasted words. It is very different from the average sermon preached in churches today.    Introduction (vs.14-21) (v.14) - Peter was appointed by Christ to be the leader among the 12 apostles (Matt. 16:19). The same man who in fear and confusion had denied the Lord is now going to speak with great boldness and authority for the Lord. The explanation for this transf…