Monday, March 26, 2018

Privilege and Responsibility

What a great privilege it is to have the inspired word of God preserved in our language! With great privilege comes great responsibility.

Here are seven things that we should do with our Bible every day. 

1)      Read (Isa. 34:16) – Become familiar with its contents

2)      Study (2 Tim. 2:15) – Examine carefully to understand what your reading

3)      Meditate (Josh. 1:8; 1 Tim. 4:15) – Think deeply upon the truth you study

4)      Hide, or Dwell (Ps. 119:11; Col. 3:16) – It becomes part of you

5)      Apply (Prov. 22:17-21; 23:12) – Take it personally 

6)      Obey (Rom. 6:17) – Doctrine is very practical 

7)      Teach (2 Tim. 2:2) – Don't keep the truth to yourself

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